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About NoseAid™

Physician developed and clinically tested, NoseAid™ is a new, first of its kind, external device for the simple treatment of nosebleeds. NoseAid™ is a gentle compression clip that is placed on the soft portion of the nose, pressing directly on the bleeding site located in the septum (between the nostrils) where bleeding commonly occurs. This rapidly stops the bleeding and allows the body's normal clotting process to halt the bleeding. No more painful packing the inside of the nose with tissue or cotton that can actually worsen the bleeding, or restart the bleeding when removed!

At last a safe, effective, predictable, painless and simple way to treat nosebleeds. Children and parents report that it gave them control over nosebleeds. NoseAid™ removes the anxiety and distress caused by nosebleeds because it works. All of the patients who tested NoseAid™ preferred it to the traditional, tiring method of pinching the nose. NoseAid™ works better because it provides constant pressure and one doesn't get tired holding the nose with finger and thumb. NoseAid™ will greatly reduce the need for medical treatment of nosebleeds in the doctor's office or emergency room. Patients reported less blood loss and less mess when using the NoseAid™. It allows children and parents to keep their hands free.

NoseAid™ is clinically tested for effectiveness and safety, easy and convenient to use, stops bleeding faster, and gives more control to those who suffer from nosebleeds.

Following clinical trials, a design was submitted to the U.S. Patent Office in January, 1998. U.S. Patent 5,899,918 was issued in May of 1999.

Clever Products is a family-owned and operated business based in Colorado and California. The company was created to develop and market NoseAid™, an effective medical device to treat simple nosebleeds. The NoseAid™ device was originated by a Board Certified Emergency Physician treating patients with nosebleeds in the Emergency Room.